Space-Less, ink on paper, 79x108cm, 2009


It seems that by " Revelational Space" he meant that the object (sculpture) draws something into itself and at the same time expands itself into the space in which it is laid.
 In this exhibition which takes place in two years time. Kim also shows a series of "Revelational Space"(most of them being the works of 1990) which demonstrate a new sculptural attempt from a different direction of a perspective. Not only new in terms of material and technique, but also in terms of sculptural concept. Thus, the forms such as rectangles, octagons and rectangular boxes seem to be regulated by a certain norm.

On the other hand. he employs 3s his material plaster. plywood and stainless steel. (the last as an ancillary) which are_combined into a certain form by assembly method. The form is 3s much geometric as plane. This seems to imply that the form h3s a stronger plane character than volume. some are placed against the wall, others being laid down on the floor; an installational display is another characteristic of this exhibition What Sculptor In Kyum KIM seeks through these extremely rudimental geometric forms is in a. narrower sense to challenge constantly the realm of space called sculpture and in a broader sense to recover the ancient grounds lost in modern civilization. He revives the lost ancient grounds in his geometric forms in which is also enshrined a strong Sense of nostalgia for the revelational archaism. -Extract of "In Kyum KIM's recent Works; Revelational Space" by Lee yil (Art C - 1991 )