Kim, Ku-lim(1936-) stayed Informal in the end of 1950s and lyric abstraction in 1960s for a while since his first solo exhibition in 1958, and has pursued formal dismantling through constant doubt and experiment about methodology of traditional painting through experiment of media and working of object using plastic, mechanical parts and vinyl from the middle of 1960s.

He organized, experimental group, in 1969 and announced of mail art and (1970) of the first land art.

He also manufactured , which is the experimental movie, and has been in action at the front line of Korean Contemporary Art such as direction and stage art in the field of performance art like play and dance, and pursued constantly 'dismantling of genre', generalized notion, as the leader of Korean avant-art.

Lately he is in activity of works finding harmony and integration of varied worlds based on the idea of positive and negative through art of notion in 1970-1980s.