Lee Sang Hyun (Korean, b. 1955- )


HoschÜle der KnÜnst, Berlin 1990
MeisterschÜler( bei Rebbeca Horn)


Residency & Award, Grant
2010        ISCP in New York
2008-10   Gana Jangheung residensy, korea 
2007        International residency, Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Korea
2005       1st Hanmi Photo-Art Prize, Seoul
2004-06  Gana residency, Seoul
1995-96  Cité International des Arts, Paris
1995       Grant, U-kyung Art & Culture Foundation, Seoul
1994       5th Kim Sae-Jung Young Sculptor Prize, Seoul

Selected Solo Exhibition
2008    <Empire and Joseon> The Museum of Photography, Seoul.
2007    <Nine Cloud Dream> Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul
           <Nine Clods Dream> Stone Museum, Jeju island, Korea
           <The Great Junghae hony! hony! hony!> window, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
2005     <Self Meditated Portrait of Korean Historical Epic> Gallery Chosun, Seoul
2000    <History of Salt dessert & Telematic Nomad> Insa Art Center, Seoul
1995    <The Earth-Moon Rising> Galerie J&J Donguy, Paris

Selected Group Exhibition
2008    Mediation Biennale in Poznan

A Midsummer night’s Dream, Grau Gallery, Seoul, curator ; Mun-U Park
El Punto del Compás<The point of Compass>, Sala de Arte publico Siqeiros
Mexico, Fundation Ludwig de Cuba, curator; Yu- Yeon Kim
           New acquisitions-collection reconstructed, Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Korea
          “Peripatetic Amusement” Pre-Yangpyeong Eco Art Festival, Korea
          “Photo Hoto”, Gallery sun Contemporary, Seoul
2007   “Thermocline of Art-New Asian Waves”, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
          “The Voyage of Forgotten Combatant” 40 years of Performance History in Korea. 
The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul
          "The Edge of Sensation-a slight movement" Simon Gallery, Seoul
          “The painting of Hermit riding on the Cow” "Art Now 2007" The Museum of Gyeongkido,
          “Wake up Andy Warhol” Ssamzie, Seoul 
          Daegu 1st International Photo Biennale, Korea       
  Laser-Multimedia Project  ‘Fantashia Corea” National Assembly building, Seoul
          “Light & Art” World Expo, China
          “Korea Fantasy” Image Theater. Coreana Art Museum, Seoul
          “Little Siddhartha-Paradise” Gana Art Center, Seoul
2005   Open Studio Gana Residency, Seoul    
          Kult Fablik White Box , Munchen, Germany
          Pocheon Asian Art Festival, Pochun City, Korea
         "From the fall of Berlin to DMZ".  Olympic Art Museum.  Chunju Natioal    Museum, Korea
          Inaugural exhibition K-Art Space, Seoul
2004   Light-Environment, Seoul Broadcasting System, Korea
          “Alice in my Heart” Ssamgi Art Walfare, Seoul
          “Self Abscission Meditation” Gana Art Center, Seoul
          Open Studio Gana Residency, Seoul
          “Red” Gana Art Center, Seoul
1997   Main Actor in Film “Lies”
          (This Film didn’t release to the public under the Censorship of Government
          In 1999 this film released for the first time in the 59th Venice International film Festival. act in several films)
          Besides, Publication a book  “The story of I love a Girl in the Film”
1996    “Origin and Myth of Fire”, The Museum of Modern Art in Saitama, Japan
          Seoul International Art Fair, Coex
          “Contemplation”, Joongang Biennale Special Exhibition, Hoam Art Museum, Seoul
          Arles Photo Festival, France
          Star way”, Laser Projection Curated Kim Honghee, Seoul
          “Rebel against Space”, 95 year Fine Art. Ministry of Culture, Korea
~1994   The Earth Moon Rising”, Museum of Hankook. Gallery Sae. Museum of Hanlim
           “Korea Contemporary Art” Sunjae Art Museum. Gallery To. Gallery Horst Dietrich, Berlin. Obere Gallery, Berlin. Montrouge, France

Selected Performance
2007     The Painting of Hermit riding on the Cow, Gyeonggi Museum of Art, Korea
            The Voyage forgotten Combatant, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
2006     Little Siddhartha, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
2000     The History of Sault desert and Telematic Nomad, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul

The National Museum of contemporary of art, Korea
Gyeonggido Museum of Art. korea
The museum of photography, Seoul
Seoul Metropolitan Railway Corporation.
Seoul Olympic Memorial Park
Tomboy Co. Seoul
Byuk-San Construction Co, Seoul
Paradise Hotel. Inchon Korea
Han-kook Museum, Korea
Gana Art Center. Seoul
Ssamji Art Collection, Seoul
Kim Won Architect Co, Seoul