한국의 자연-四季, oil on canvas, 200x420cm, 1987


Master painter Hyuck Lim Jeon is called a “magician of colors” or “painter of the sea.” The pioneer in Korean color field abstraction has had free access to both representationism and non-representationism and established his own sphere in the formative arts.

He was born in 1916 and is one of the existing great painting magnates who have survived a variety of cultural tribulations and fluctuations in the modern age. He seriously started his career as a painter when he presented his works such as 'mythic seashore' and 'moonlight' to the Busan Art Exhibition in 1938. Compared to ordinary painters from local regions, who are inclined to be conservative, Jeon is one of the few artists who have intention to express traditions by using avant-garde formative techniques of modern art. His desire for experiments has led him to trials to enlarge his own artistic sphere and indulge in the diffusion of vivid life. He established Tong-yeong Cultural Association in 1945 in cooperation with Chi-hwan Yu, I-sang Yun, Chun-su Kim and others in the aftermath of the Korean emancipation for the Japanese colonial rule and in the vortex of many immediately subsequent tribulations. After the Korean War, Hyuck Lim Jeon won the special award in the National Art Exhibition while leading a wandering life in Busan. The painting circles in Busan enabled Jeon to establish his stronghold as an artist. In the 1950s, he introduced for the first time to Busan atypical paintings whose exponents include Informel. Jeon is none other than the pioneer of modern and contemporary arts in Busan and non-representational paintings in the Yeongnam region.

He has kept a distance from the "central" circles of painters, paid no attention to academic affiliation (it is an evil in the art circles), and made no compromise with temporary vogues, but silently constructed his own dominion of art colors and landscape in his hometown. The works of this old painter, whose age passed well over 90, still attract many artists to his unique world, while growing increasingly and mystically mature. In addition, his spirit to explore the art world knows no rest in pursuing another formative art world on a different dimension. Jeon is still glaring with his untiring curiosity, enthusiasm, ardor, and love for the beauty and aesthetics.