LIANG QUAN        梁铨

Liang Quan (Chinese, b.1948- )


Born in 1948,Shanghai
Graduated from Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art(CAFA)
Works and lives at Shenzhen and Hangzhou

2011  Sailing-afar 2011,Pogo art gallery, Beijing, china
2008  M.Sutherland Fine Arts, New York, U.S.A
2006  Zhu Jizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2005  M.Sutherland Fine Arts, New York, USA
2004  Mies Van Der Rohe Haus,Berlin,Germany
2001  Solo Exhibition in Nurnberg, Nurnberg, Germany
1994  Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong Alisan Fine Arts Linited, Hong kong

2010   Array With No Objects-Academic Inviting Exhibition of Contemporary
          Abstract Art, Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan, China
          Unending Distance, PIFO New Art Gallery, Beijing, China
          The Promise of the Invisible —— Abstract Paintings from 15 Artists,
          -The National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
          Thirty Years of Chinese Contemporary Art,Minsheng Art Museum, China
          Peshaping History, Country Convention Centre, Beijing, China
          Power of Painting, Wellside Gallery, Shanghai, China
          One Day in June, Studio X, Beijing, China
          Communication beyond the times, Wellside gallery, Shanghai, China
2008   Abstract art in 30 Years, La Caixa Form Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
          Guangdong Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangdong Fine Art Museum,
          -Guangzhou, China
          Zeichen Im Wandel der Zeit, Staatliche Kunstammlungen, Dresden,
          Liang Quan Spuren werke auf papier, Galeie 99 Aschaffenburg, Germany
          Yi Pai- 30 years of abstract art in caixa forum palma, Spain
          savoring images with a pure heart: contemporary Chinese ink and wash
          -invitational exhibition, Daxiang art space, Taiwan
          Ink and not Ink? Chinese contemporary ink and swash exhibition,
          -Shenzhen art Museum, Shenzhen, China
          Today Art Museum Beijing, Philadelphia Museum, Philadelphia, U.S.A
2007   Lines- Chinese Abstract Art, Creek Art, Shanghai, Everloving Shuimo,
          -Songzhuang, Beijing, China
          The 3rd Chengdu Biennial Exhibition, Chengdu, Narration in ink
          -and wash,Yokohama zaim gallery,Yokohama, Japan
2006   Chinese Ink Painting:1976-2006,Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, China
          DU:Expression of Contemporary Chinese Water and Ink Painting, Tianjin
         -Museum of Art, Tianjin, China
         Tu-Ink:Inviting exhibition of Contemporary Ink Painting, Guangdong Museum
         -of Art, Guangzhu, China
2005  Ink and Paper Chinese contemporary Art, Weimar Art Museum, Weimar,
         Korean-Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
         Experimental Ink Painting Retrospective 1985-2000, Shenzhen Art
         -Academy, Shenzhen, China
         Upcoming Ink Painting:Modernist Ink Painting Exhibition, France
         Nature:Experimental Ink Painting, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China
2004   International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen. Guan Shan yue Art
         -Museum, Shenzhen, China
2003   An Open Era”,National Fine Art Museum, Beijing, China
          Metaphysics 2003 ”, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2002   East+West”Ausstellung fuer die Zeitgenossische Kunst aus China”,
         -Kunstlerhaus in Wien, Austria