LIANG QUAN        梁铨


Liang Quan is one of the most outstanding abstract artists in China. He formed his own personal style in the process of creation and could be considered the most important artist of contemporary abstract paintings in China today. His name has appeared widely in History of Chinese Contemporary Art and Documentary Exhibitions of Chinese Contemporary Art. Meanwhile, his ink paintings are widely known for being abstract, its minimalism, poetic language and style.

Tracing back to Liang Quan’s painting, we can identify that his earlier style was influenced during the 15 years he was living in Shenzhen, after returning to China from aboard. Colored collage and the usage of abstract figures are the style of Liang Quan’s paintings. His paintings gave us a new impression when China had just reformed and began opening up. Colored areas and irregular papers generate various effects on the painting, which then reappear and the pictures integrated by its original intention and modern brilliance, and a metaphor of a wild and vast view…(Omitted)
Living in Shenzhen is the second phase of Liang Quan’s art creation. He began to explore a new painting language. He discovered a variety of tea, traditional Chinese medicine and coffee which can leave traces on paper and later studying their relationship by observing their color and dying traces on rice paper. In repeated experiments, he finally found a painting method using a non-colorant to paint, such as his earlier work “Tea and Coffee” and some other works painted by traditional Chinese medicine. ..(Omitted)

To pair with the tea point series, the collage with gray strips series is a continuance of his plentiful color style. Based on similar techniques, he uses single and subtle ink instead of the previous colorful color, uses cutting strips with different widths instead of previous handmade paper. Hues with more than one color could not be found in any paintings in works during this period. Minimalism and refinement was the main-stream language in the period of rationality. His works are highly appraised by art fields, domestic and abroad.
The simple and unadorned art experience of Liang Quan represents an ideal of times and an independent innovation, which is so precious.

Liang Quan has already used a simple poem to parallelize his art style:
Clear, Lofty, Pure, Marginal, Meditated, Peaceful, Humble, Moral, Simple, Concentrated, Accumulated, Affordable, Feeble, Restructured, Varied, Independent, Ordered, Honest. - POETICS by Huang Du