CHEN LIZHU         阵丽珠

Chen Lizhu (Chinese, b. 1979- )


1979     Born in Fujian, China

2004     BFA, Institute of Fine Art in Shanghai Normal University, China

2007     MFA, Frank Mohr Instituut, Hanzehogeschool Groningen,

            the Netherlands




2012     ‘Where One Can Wander’, Park Soo-keun Museum, Korea

2011     ‘Silence in Sound’, Wellside Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2009     ‘Black Digests White’ Wellside Gallery, Shanghai, China

2007     ‘Whisper’ Wellside Gallery, Shanghai, China




2012     Art Toronto 2012, Toronto, Canada

2011     KIAF, Wellside Gallery, Coex, Seoul, Korea

2010     ‘Chinese Contemporary Abstract Art Exhibition: Meditative Abstract

           Space’ -Wellside Gallery, Shanghai

‘Array With No Object’ Hubei Museum Of Art, Wuhan, China

2008     Melbourne Art Fair, Wellside Gallery, Melbourne, Austrailia

‘Visibleinvisible 2’ Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China

2007     ‘More Player’ Defka, Assen, the Netherlands

‘Day and Night’ Media art Friesland, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

2006     ‘Chinese Year’ Pictura Gallery, Groningen, the Netherlands

2005    ‘The Space of Memory” the Studio of Musician Instrument of Shanghai

            Normal University, Shanghai, China

2004     Invisible gallery, Shanghai, China