空间系列 Space Series (17), oil on canvas, 60x80cm x 2pcs, 2013


Chen lizhu is a Chinese young artist who is writing a new chapter of Chinese abstract art under the around thirty year old abstract art history. She was born in Fujian province in China and studied oil painting at Shanghai normal university. And she studied abroad at the Hanze University in Netherlands as well. Even though she studied realistic painting in the university, she started to do abstract art in Netherlands in order to freely express her emotion without restriction of shape. After returning to China in 2007, the same year, her first solo exhibition in Shanghai, she was starting with Wellside gallery and has been working actively.

In early 2008, focusing on as a promising new artist whose work dealt with the art world by Fujian Television, China and she was invited "Chinese Contemporary Abstract Art Exhibition" organized by the Art Museum of Hubei Province in 2009.


Color code breaker

Artist is a color code breaker.  – Chen Lizhu

Artist always likes to say, a color is a very important element in her painting. Her concern about the color, it led to steady experiments. It can be made amazing color for what different humidity and temperature do vary from one color, how many changes of color depending on what color is mixed, is overlaped even ten or twenty folds on the canvas. When she is moved by old Chinese ceramics at the museum and clothes with special colors at the street etc., she studies those colors and expresses them on her painting. And she expresses her emotion, thoughts and experiences by a variety colors.


“Even though the colors in my artworks are implicative, I hope that they can emit eternal light and project onto human being’s ultimate emotion. I also expect that viewers commune with my paintings.” - Chen Lizhu-